Riding School Ponies

Our ponies are a fantastic bunch, we wouldnt be able to do what we do without them.


Age: 15th May 2000
Height: 14hh
Colour: Black
Breed: Fell Pony

Albert is a great pony, very forward going and fun! He is good for adults and children of all ages and experience. He is however not to keen on going on the road. So enjoys his summer hacks around the field.


Age:Born in 1997
Height: 10.2hh
Colour: Bay

Anjellica is a good lead rein pony for children learning to ride, although she can be spooky. For the more competant rider Anjelica can be fantastic and willing to try her best even over jumps which sometimes can be scary for her.


Age: Born in 2001
Height: 12.3hh
Colour: Black

Barney is used for the more experienced riders. He can be quite fast and spooky, but is a lot of fun! Over the years he has settled down alot and is now used most days in lessons for sometimes even the more novice of riders. Barney loves to jump and enjoys going round the fields in the summer!


Age: Born in 1995
Height: 12.2hh
Colour: Black

Charlie is a great all round pony, for the novice and experienced rider. He is very safe (as his picture shows him doing fancy dress) Charlies best friend is Tommy and if you cant see them in the field, its because they have found a tree or a hedge to hide in!!


Age: Born in 1996
Height: 13hh
Colour: Chestnut
Breed: Welsh X

Chester is suited to the more experienced rider. He can be quite challenging at times if he doesnt want to jump. Chester is very good on the road, but does enjoy a good gallop when he gets chance in the park.


Age: Born in 1995
Height: 11.2hh
Colour: Bay

Daisy is a great lead rein pony, she is also broken to drive. She is very fun for the experienced rider and enjoys jumping. Daisy is very fast and is also good on the road. She is a firm favourite for games in Pony club competitions!!


Age: 17th May 1998
Height: 14hh
Colour: Black
Breed: Fell Pony

Edward is a good allround pony, quite forward going. He is better suited to the quieter rider as he is quite nervous. However on the road he is brilliant and nothing fazes him!! Edward is full brother to Albert.


Age: 4th June 2001
Height: 11hh
Colour: Strawberry Roan
Breed: Welsh sec A

Galaxy is a great pony both on and off the lead rein. She is really good at jumping and has real character. She has a very flashy trot and a bouncy little canter. She loves being handled at pony club, but can sometimes be cheeky and try to nibble you.


Age: Born in 2002
Height: 14hh
Colour: Chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail

Ginger is a steady, faithful cob. She enjoys all parts of her job, flatwork, jumping, riding round the fields or just being brushed or dressed up during Pony club time.


Age: 4th July 2002
Height: 13.3hh
Colour: Grey

Indi is used mainly for the more experienced rider as he is more forward going and can sometimes be a challenge. In his stable he is very grumpy and protective of his hay, however he loves to work and is very willing to learn and try new things, either jumping a grid or some new lateral movements.


Age: Born in 1996
Height: 14.2hh
Colour: Piebald

Lucy is a reliable, confidence giving pony and has taught many children and adults to ride as she has been at the yard for 15 years. 
 Lucy is our biggest pony on the farm, she loves to hack out and is brilliant in traffic and loves to jump. In the past she has competed at many shows winning numerous trophies and rosettes.


Age:Born in 1999
Height: 11hh
Colour: Dun

Lucy2 is mainly a lead rein pony, but with a more competant rider is great off the lead rein. As well as Bobby Lucy also suffers from laminitis so is monitered closely during the summer months to ensure she doesnt have to much grass and become poorly.


Age: Born in 1992
Height: 11hh
Colour: Grey
Breed: Welsh sec A

Merlyn is one of oldest ponies on the yard. But his age certainly doesnt slow him down! He has taught many children how to ride inluding Manda one of our instructors. He is brilliant on or off lead rein and loves to jump. Merlyn also enjoys rides out into Shipley park.


Age: 4th June 1995
Height: 13.1hh
Colour: Black
Breed: Fell Pony

Millie is a very good allround pony, a real confidence giver for the novice rider, but with the experienced, more determined rider she is speedy and really enjoys her jumping. Millie is also a great pony out on the road and fantastic in all kinds of weather. In the past she has competed at Trailblazers show jumping. Millie has also taught children with physical disabilities to love and enjoy horse riding!


Age: Born in 2000


Mollie2 is good for both the novice and experienced rider. Mollie isnt a fan of windy weather but as long as she has her best friend Poppy nearby she is happy. Mollie has also been to a few local shows with us.


Age: 21st May 2000
Height: 12.2hh
Colour: Chestnut
Breed: Welsh sec B

Poppy is a fab pony on and off the lead rein. She is quite forward going and is a great jumper. Poppy is very safe in all kinds of weather and loves to work and please her rider.


Age: Born in 1998
Height: 10hh
Colour: Black
Breed: Shetland

Tommy is the smallest pony on the yard. He is a great lead rein pony and is also broken to drive. Tommy is always a favourite at pony rides and likes to go out to different places, he also joined us in doing an educational talk at a " Careers day" at a local school.


Age: 26th April 2000

Height: 12.1hh

Colour: Chestnut

Breed: Welsh section A

Bobby is a cheeky little pony, hes fantastic on or off lead rein and loves to jump. He also enjoys hacks out and will quite happily lead the way! Bobby suffers with laminitis so we have to watch his grass intake so he doesnt become to exciteable.


Age: Born in 2005

Height: 14hh

Colour: Bay

Breed: Unknown

Annie is one of our ponys we use for our more experienced riders, especially if we are doing faster work as she can be quite forward going. She is extremely safe in all weathers and hacks out with us, however her favourite discipline is jumping. Annie originally came from Ireland where she hunted and showjumped.