About Us

Oakfield Farm Riding Stables is a family run, licenced riding school in the small village of Stanley Common.

We pride ourselves on offering good quality horse riding lessons and put a huge emphasis on the FUN aspect of horse riding!


Learning is so much easier when you are having fun! It is so important to us also that our ponies are enjoying varied work and plenty of field rides to let off some steam!

We offer mainly children’s group horse riding lessons and take on children’s private riding lessons in the school holidays (subject to availability).


We welcome children of all abilities, our ponies are capable of accommodating most standards of riders.

We take on an average of 5-7 children in our group classes. Our ponies are only 14.2hh and under, so we do apply a weight limit.





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We are proud to have been an ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools) approved and registered riding establishment since 2015.


An ‘Approved School’ is an establishment which has been inspected and found to be satisfactory by one of the national Approved Schemes.


The Association of British Riding Schools conducts such a scheme, setting a high standard for horse care and requires to be satisfied that the instruction given is well presented and correct.


We offer ABRS rosette awards days and will be looking towards working through exams and tests.

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We are a Pony Club Centre with over 40 active members, our once fortnightly sessions are a hive of activity!


Our members work towards tests and achievement badges, camps, competitions, sports badges, fundraising and much more. In addition to that, Pony Club is all about making friends for life, and at Oakfield Farm, that certainly happens. 

We take on members from 6 years old. Our Pony Club ages range from 6-15 years. Our sessions take place on Saturday afternoons and are a fortnightly session. This is a members only session. 

For more information on our centre, please pop into the farm to find out if we have space!

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Safety First

All of our riders under 18 years of age, MUST wear a body protector (we will allow a maximum of 4 lessons before purchasing).


We also insist that every rider has their own helmet after 4 lessons.


All helmets must be up to current British Safety Standards.

If you are unsure what the safety standards are, please click below to see more information at the ABRS website.


Our Group Classes

30-minute - £13.00
45-minute - £17.50
60-minute - £25.00

Our Private Lessons

30-minute - £17-50
45-minute - £22-50

Pony Club Sessions

Fortnightly session of 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon 3-15pm - 5-15pm

£15.00 per session

Pony Club Membership

Annual Pony Club membership is £28.00.

Our sessions usually consist of stable management and riding. 


Opening & Classes

We are open Mondays to Saturdays (CLOSED ON SUNDAYS AND BANK HOLIDAYS)

We offer mainly group classes which take place Mon-Fri evenings (after 4pm).


We run group classes all day on a Saturday.


We also offer private lessons, however, we only offer these Tuesday-Friday daytimes

from 10am-3-30pm.

Waiting List

We often have a waiting list for beginner classes.


Spaces come up when either children move to a new ability class or someone leaves us and one becomes available.

It is important to us that all of our riders learn at their own individual pace, we will not rush anyone to move out of a class until they feel they are fully ready. 

Parents should be aware that change in ability groups will also mean a change of day and time. 

Extra Holiday Activities

We aim to put on something in each Derbyshire school holiday for everyone.


This means there is something to suit all abilities. You don’t have to be a regular rider either to take part which is a bonus! 

Own a Pony Days

ABRS rosette awards days
Extra pony club sessions

Tots days

All of these dates will be advertised on our FACEBOOK page and will be first come first served.


All of our riders, after 4 weeks are required to purchase their own riding equipment. Until those  4 weeks are over, we have helmets we lend out. 


Each rider after 4 weeks is required to have:

A riding helmet

which is up to current British Safety Standards, that has been fitted by a professional.


A Level 3 body protector



Riding boots - well-fitting and comfortable 


At almost 18hh, George is mainly ridden by Manda.


He has the most beautiful, natural, elegant paces and his canter (when he decides to) is just amazing!


He is also learning to jump! 


Suffolk Horses

At Oakfield Farm, in 2016, we purchased 2 beautiful rare breed Suffolk Punches.


Rarer than the red panda, these critically endangered animals can be seen in Stanley Common.


We bought the boys as two 4-year-olds and have broken them to ride and they are so much FUN!


 Both enjoy a good hack around the fields, and enjoy their musical ride work! 

Our aim is to show how versatile the breed can be and how much incredible fun a heavy horse is! 

For more information on this breed and how to be

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Gordon is the smaller of the two.


Standing at around 16.3hh. He hasn’t done as much as George due to his awful sweet itch, but we are ready to start him into his canter work.